Monday, February 21, 2011

Compression Shirt

This garment is a compression shirt available for men and women:
Find out more by clinking view the video and clicking this link:

Lets' Make it DRoP!
This and Something Better Is About To Happen!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Makes You Wanna Jump!

   My daughter thought, it was hilarious when I went from running to working out to a DVD in the house. I was doing the best I can at jumping. I use to spring up on my toes and jump up a little after my runs, in a straight up and down motion.  But what they demonstrated on the disc was much higher and exaggerated than what my back and knee was able to do.

This is what I love about change. I decided that I was going to change that! I continued the extreme exercises. The parts of the workout I wasnt good at, I decided to extend them and push through until I got better at it. The instructors knees were much higher in the air on his jumps. When I started I was inches off the floor. His whole body was in the air a lot higher than mines, I couldnt imagine giving up so I kept it going.

Whenever I got a minute to myself (in my Forrest Gump voice) "I was jumping!" I start jumping everywhere, for any reason in sets of tens. Why? Its because I can feel the benefits in my core. I contract my core and the fat on my abs get crunch up against each other and bounces up and down. And to top it off, it makes me feel really youthful!

Where is there jump rope, its been a while but I feel like double dutching!

Jumping will cause a sweat and pump your heart rate up really fast. I read this from 

"When you increase your vertical jump, you improve your fitness on many levels. Learning how to jump higher involves a combination of strength training and power training. These exercises benefit you by increasing your explosive power and strengthening your legs. These exercises can even improve your neuromuscular coordination. Being able to jump higher requires a greater level of fitness and if you work hard to increase your vertical jump, you will automatically improve your fitness levels."

Change is so good! Im jumping and DRoPPING it!
I love change...gotta DRoP IT!