Monday, November 29, 2010

Make IT Happen!

Make it happen! Make a sheet to post on your wall of what you want. This is your reality board. Now it is time to turn your thoughts into words, your words into a habits and your habits into reality.You have to know what your want to get where you want. In order to make it happen lets start with "what you want?" It could be a smaller waistline, loss weight, a healthier living, fit by fifty, your first triathlon, a better sample of health for your children or a free way of staying away from the doctor. Whatever it is you have to be specific. Write it down.
Set a specific date to reach your goal. Make a realistic goal date to achieve your goal that won't stress you out. Make a schedule that you can devote to regularly. If you have low energy and there is not enough time in your day to sleep, than this is a time management issue. You are beaten your self up to do everything else but you. How will you continue by getting sick about four times a year. Look at your schedule and eliminate what it is that is taking those 45 minutes for your exercise and DRoP IT. Think of what's really not a priority and is interfering in your health. You want an example? Okay, the television, the computer and the phone. We will go deeper into detail on another page, but make a more conscious amount of time for yourself and start doing less of the nothingness to do you more!
Having an accountability partner, group or resource to help keep your word. This is such a valuable part of making it happen. When you commit to what you want and share what you are going to do, you are going to have a lot of doubters. You have said this before, but you keep doing it the same way all the time. Your partner will hold you to it and they believe in you. This time you have to believe in you, do it different and DRoP the excuses. Your word and your effort will be supported and your testimony will inspire. Make sure you share in your efforts to better health.
Know what you want and make a plan to achieve it. In order to work a plan you have to follow a plan. Research what you want, join a challenge, join a gym or something that will work for what you want. Know what to do, how to do and when to do it. If you don't know, ask. Make an effort, find it. Joining a group which share the same commonmotivation, inspires you will help you to achieve your goal. Opening and changing your mind set will give another way of making it happen. You cant keep doing the same thing the same way and get different results.

What's your reward? Your reward is achieving what you have set out to do for so long and continue by making it a lifestyle. It inspires others to better health and consciousness. The benefits are more unseen but now felt through your energy and the power to make you your priority. Make it count, make it happen, make an effort and make it DRoP!

Friday, November 26, 2010

High Blood Pressure

Many adults have high blood pressure. Some are required medical treatment and some are learning to control it. Medication cause side effects which troubles takers, which gives the dillusion od being angry and sad. Untereated HBP may lead to hypertension and cause heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

Alternative ways to batlling HBP is a matter of controlling the mind, eating habits, resperation (breathing) and exercising 3-4 days a week. Control your breathing with a breathing exercise 20 minutes a day with music. Take the time with your to breath your regular pace to a dramatically slow pace. Start by enhaling and exhale to relax the muscle which dilates small bllod vessels so that the blood will flow more freely.

Ways to lower blood pressure are:
Plannig regular power walks, make an effort and work up a sweat.
Breath deeply, try to relax in situations that are not in your control.
Eat potassium enriched produce such as celery or bananas.
Read the food labels, go with less sodium.
Take supplements such as mutivitamins an prescribed medications.
If you drink coffee go decaf.
Replace coffee drinking and go tea.
Drink less alcohol
Work less, by not over working yourself on the job.
Relax to music
Watch what you eat, eat healthy.

Make life style changes, lose the the extra pounds and especially around the waist, which puts you at a higher risk. Commit to yourself. work yourself more than you work your job. Keep your levels controlled, when your pressure goes you shouls know why. Check your vitals and know you ate, the people you were around and different situations which caused your pressure to rise. Make a record, document and compare. Eat more grain, fruits, vegetables, reduce your sodium and exercise. Major grocery store offer free vital machine to help monitor your pressure. NO excuse. Lets keep DRoPPING IT!

This and somthing better is about to happen. Lets keep DRoPPING IT!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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