Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Flatten your lower abs using a ruler

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Team Building

I have anticipated building muscles for years and have procastinated
because I didnt see it being all that important. But do we have to
wait til it hurts bad enough to know its necessary to take care of
ourselves as we get older? We have to make more of an effort to stay
healthier. Our mind is set on depending on the doctors call if health
becomes a problem and it will if you have nothing to do with it.

Aches and pain started coming from no where before I realize it was
the lack of movement. My motivation was becoming less encouring and
this had to change. The connections with people of the same mind
became so motivating and exciting. The movement went from my feet,
flowing through my blood and to the brain. Creativity became grand
and the right and left brain did it's thing. "I need to connect with
more people." The connection was made to find that I was are never
alone just had to connect.

Get involved, instead of taking action when the warning signs come,
start making action now. Change the way you eat. DROP the white
flour, sodas and sugars. DROP eating an hour before you go to sleep,
give your body a 3 hour window. DROP the remote control and control
your actions to get out and add at the least 30 minutes of
exercise to your life a day. DROP the signs of a red flag being
part of your bill of health. Its not to late do it now. Give yourself
an opportunity to join your doctors downline or let me help you make
your own.

This started with the running group, then to more art projects and

then with the challenges and so on. A healthy mind lapse to more
positive possiblilities. To increase health and wellness, to live
healthiers lives and to motivate others give you drive to unleash
your true potential. Dont live be tired just to retire, your health
is your wealth.

Nutritional products are important to our health and for those who
are not afraid to take control prior to the yellow or red flag has
warned us, I would like to hear from you. Productivity is building,
and I am looking for the right people, productive people to build
with. Im looking for a team. I am looking for five people to team up
with in this plan to help others. Who will like to join me?

Lets Continue to DROP IT.
This and something better is about to happen.
Pamela Miller
email: "ME too.Team Drop IT"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 2 of the BIG PAY BACK

Welcome to week two of the BIG PAY BACK challenge. Hope you had a great weekend and DROPPED IT on either Saturday or Sunday. We are adding an additiional technique to this weeks workout.
Your standard abs workout with weights will still remain part of this weeks workout for 20 minutes.
Plus add the additional ab technique for 20 minutes.So your total time for working out this week will be 40 minutes per session:Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the selected weekend day. Dont add weight to the second weightout.
Please watch the video below "Leg-Up Crunch"
 and continue to DROP IT for the BIG PAY BACK!

Leg-Up Crunch

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sit Ups with Weights

Please leave your comments. Be a motivator by adding your name to the left side of this page. Have a great today and lets get DROPPING IT!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Short Recovery Let"s DROP IT Again!

Welcome back BIG PAY BACK Challengers.
One day break we are back to day and choose a day
either Saturday or Sunday.

(Arrange your schedule to eat around 5 times a day in small portions)
High Protein Diet Foods – A Key Ingredient for Weight Loss

Click here for your sit up video

High protein foods have been proven track record to help you lose more weight. Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body. (Around 16% of your total body weight.) It plays a major role in all of the cells and most of the fluids found in your body. In addition, many of your bodies' important chemicals are at least partially made up of protein. Muscle, hair, skin, and connective tissue are mainly made up of protein.

Obesity has been increasing at an unprecedented rate in the United States and worldwide. 65% of the US population is considered overweight and about 33% are clinically Obese. This trend is also on the rise among children and teenagers. Due to the other health related problems associated with excess body weight, (such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes, and cardiovascular disease), Obesity is now perceived as a world wide epidemic.

Your Protein Needs

High protein diet foods spark glucose production in the small intestine, which satiates hunger and makes you feel full. Eating high protein diet foods suppresses your appetite, which helps you eat less food. Some evidence also suggest that diets higher in protein increase fat loss as compared to diets lower in protein.

~A good protein rich diet is required for optimum health as your muscles, (which constitute about 40-50% of the body mass), are mostly composed of it.
~Higher protein diets have been associated with lower blood pressure and reduced risk of coronary heart disease.
~The exchange of protein for carbohydrates has been shown to improve blood lipids.
~Higher protein diets facilitate significant weight loss when compared to a lower protein diet.

List of High Protein Diet Foods:

Beef, Steak, Beef cuts, Chicken, Chicken breast, Chicken thigh, Drumstick, Wing, Chicken, cooked,
Pork, Ham, Ground pork, Bacon, Canadian bacon, Eggs and Dairy, Milk, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Cheeses Beans, Tfu (soft) 1/2 cup,Tofu (hard) 1 oz Soy milk, Most beans, Soy beans, Split peas, Peanut butter, Almonds,Peanuts, Cashews, Pecans, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Flax seed, Fish.

Watch Video for next set of tens in 30 minutes:

Please leave your comments on the youtube chanell and prescribe. We are in this together! Just DROP IT!
This and something better is about to happen!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here are additional helpful videos for the BIG PAY BACK challenge
Double click below and follow video one. The videos will continue onto
to other helpful strength training for running. Let's DROPIT! Let us know
about your workout.

I know everyone is not able to make it to the gym, if so great try to stay off the floor. If your working out at home on the floor and it is uncomfortable, try anything similiar to a  weight bench that you may have at home.

Preview this video for great ab workout. Its great to movedifferent muscles daily. It more important to be consistant and kepp it moving. Let's DROP IT!

This and something better is about to happen!
Start your watch and began as many sets of ten
as possible within 30 minutes.
Between sets take 30 seconds - 1 minute breaks.

Drink, eat your protein, green vegatables, fruit and fiber and let's get ready for tomorrow!
This is our warm up week. Let me know how it went.

Start hard, stay hard DROP those sit ups and get ready for the BIG PAY BACK!
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Monday, October 4, 2010



Things needed to get started:
DROP any excuses, towel, workout clothes, weights, water, stop watch & protein drink for the finish.
If haven't read the introduction to the BIG PAY CHALLENGE you can do so here:

1 Wake the body up (if its the you are starting your workout from out the bed,) with room temperature water and a banana. Follow with a high antioxidant juice.

2 Time for warm up. Warm up the body with an exercise. Make it either a 10 minute walk, run, trot, scoot, jumping jacks, jumping rope, dance to just jump start the body.

3 We are working the abs for 30 minutes today. Starting with the standard sit up BUT adding 10 pounds to our chest.

   Start your watch and began as many sets of ten as possible within 30 minutes. Between sets take 30 seconds - 1 minute breaks.
Drink your protein and let's get ready for tomorrow! This is our warm up week. Let me know how it went.

Start hard, stay hard DROP those sit ups and get ready for the BIG PAY BACK!