Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here are additional helpful videos for the BIG PAY BACK challenge
Double click below and follow video one. The videos will continue onto
to other helpful strength training for running. Let's DROPIT! Let us know
about your workout.

I know everyone is not able to make it to the gym, if so great try to stay off the floor. If your working out at home on the floor and it is uncomfortable, try anything similiar to a  weight bench that you may have at home.

Preview this video for great ab workout. Its great to movedifferent muscles daily. It more important to be consistant and kepp it moving. Let's DROP IT!

This and something better is about to happen!
Start your watch and began as many sets of ten
as possible within 30 minutes.
Between sets take 30 seconds - 1 minute breaks.

Drink, eat your protein, green vegatables, fruit and fiber and let's get ready for tomorrow!
This is our warm up week. Let me know how it went.

Start hard, stay hard DROP those sit ups and get ready for the BIG PAY BACK!
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