Monday, October 4, 2010



Things needed to get started:
DROP any excuses, towel, workout clothes, weights, water, stop watch & protein drink for the finish.
If haven't read the introduction to the BIG PAY CHALLENGE you can do so here:

1 Wake the body up (if its the you are starting your workout from out the bed,) with room temperature water and a banana. Follow with a high antioxidant juice.

2 Time for warm up. Warm up the body with an exercise. Make it either a 10 minute walk, run, trot, scoot, jumping jacks, jumping rope, dance to just jump start the body.

3 We are working the abs for 30 minutes today. Starting with the standard sit up BUT adding 10 pounds to our chest.

   Start your watch and began as many sets of ten as possible within 30 minutes. Between sets take 30 seconds - 1 minute breaks.
Drink your protein and let's get ready for tomorrow! This is our warm up week. Let me know how it went.

Start hard, stay hard DROP those sit ups and get ready for the BIG PAY BACK!


  1. Okay, so I made an attempt to do this it is hard but I did get on the floor and I will not say how many I was able to do. But I will say I did my do.

  2. It was cool, a little bit challenging because I haven't gotten down on the floor to do sit ups in a while..

  3. Good job ladies. Let me share with you, that you dont have to get down on the floor if there is a weight bench or something similiar will work. Have you posted your pictures. That is the hardest task this week.
    Click the "folow" button and be a motivator.
    Thank you for sharing your testimonies will help others. Keep DROPPING IT for the BIG PAY BACK!

  4. Ok, I just got around to doing mine. Is it a problem that I have to do this late hours?