Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tis' the Season to Eat

Tis' the season to be healthy.

Gotta DroP some soup into the immune system, you dont have to eat to some soup.

Tis' the season to cut up some vegetables to add to the soup to give nutrients to your body especially since yo may have flooded your body with the holidays sweets and stuffings.

Tis' the season to use leftover chicken and turkey and create something tasty, healthy and needed to keep moving towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Also by adding your protein, vegatables and whole grain pasta noodles, this can serve as a meal.

Make healthy choices. This and something better is about to happen.
Lets keep DRoPPING IT!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Last Marathon!

A new challenge approaches me as I end my marathon ventures with my Dad. I had decided back in 2006 that I would not run anymore marathons because of the pain and knee injuries I was having. I hadnt a point to prove any longer and I had completed 4 marathons at that time. I wanted to finish faster, however I had accomplished the goal.

In June 2007 my Dad passed. He lived in pain and never did he give a piddy party while laying bed ridden. He was very strong, a joy to be around and he was my best friend, my hero. I decided to dedicate running with my Dad hand in hand by carrying his drumstick. 2010, my fourth marathon later with him, I have decided to stop ignoring the pain in my knees and focus on a new challenge.

My Dad lived with high blood pressure and the medications the majority of his life. He strongly advised me to never start taking the med's if I was ever diagnosed. Well, I was diagnosed early. I found that I had HBP through a change of events like passing out, the room fading to black, my equalibrium being off and my lims going numb.

Once, I passed out in the gym and when I awoke there were many unrecognized faces standing in a circle over me trying to bring me back. I went to doctor and my numbers were so high that she prescribed me a high numbers of different meds to begin right away. I refused the meds and ask for another options. She had me to said a waiver for refusing the meds and recommended exercise, meal change and breathing techniques. I have made a life style change. It wasnt easy, it was necessary.

I love you Daddy and we have a new challenge. "What is it Pamela Ann?" Body Sculpting, lets keep DRoPPING IT! I will still keep running, but our challenging distance will now be 13.1 miles, the half marathons! Im going to start skating again now too! Thanks Dad for being my hero and giving me the champion within to keep DRoPPING IT!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

R E S U L T S ~ from the BIG PAY BACK!

The BIG PAY BACK CHALLENGE started October 3rd with abwork out challenge, eating plan and hard work. The second pictue posted is for December 13th, gotta love the results. The challenge runs unto June 2011, its not to late to participate.
The first part of the challenge is to take a picture and post it on your wall, TEAM DRoP IT's wall or our private group page SA40 DROP IT page. The ab workout started with ab workouts shared in the group. The more was growing the more workout we were receiving. We have speakers, nutritionalist, authors and motivators that keep us going.

As we grow progress is making us more health conscious, sharing and developing our mindsets to realistically obtain our goals. Join our TEAM DROP IT group on facebook. Share your knowledge, testimony, recipes, workout plans and be motivated to make it DRoP for life.   
This and something better is about to happen, Lets DRoP IT!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aim to Accomplish your goal

Coach Corley speaks on call in regard to accomplishing your goal. Coach is in the TEAM DRoP IT group and is a strong motivator. She's a respiratory therapist and is passionate about health and nutrition. This call was very motivation and informative. She speaks on your goals which where you aim to accomplish them. Your objective is how to obtain it. Here are some tips she shares:
  1. Know why you want it and make sure that this want is something you want (DO YOU) 
  2. Work at it your eating and exercise training.
  3. Write your financial, personal or weight goals down.
  4. Say your  long term or short goals out loud and make them obtainable.
  5. Put yourself in an environment that will help encourage, motivate and inspire you. That's includes friends, associates, mentors and those knowledgeable of what you need.
  6. Have faith in your goal, speak your goal.
  7. Stay focus on your goal
  8. Take action, don't just talk about it, be about it.
  9. Write down your meals for the entire day.  It'll make you conscious of what you eat wrong.
  10. Adjust your goals
  11. Never give UP
  12. Do your goals for you.

Motivational quote: Obstacle are those things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
This call is on replay at 605-477-2100 access code 888053# reference #6 with Coach Corley

  • Booker T mentions: stress being how it distract you from your goals
  • Tasya Mims mentions:  If you have two limbs, you can move.
  • Pamma Joi mentions:  Once you have completed your goals post your accomplishments.
  • Coach Corley mentions:  Using weights wont make you bulky right away, you have do work really hard to get bulky and recommends using weight also.
  • Elaine from Texas questions:  Butter products are they healthy such as Smart Balance answer: read the label. Bottom line, the butter substitute types like margarine are not a food product and wont provide any type of nutrients.
  • Traci Narcisse closing prayer in short:
  • "God, We thank you years in advance." Amen and DRoP IT!
Weekly calls are every Friday at 10pm EST 605-477-2100 access code 888053. Once the has started and you enter the enter *6 to mute your line so you wont interrupt the speaker. This and something better is about to happen, lets DRoP IT for life!

Your Dropping IT Specialist,
Pamela Miller