Tuesday, December 14, 2010

R E S U L T S ~ from the BIG PAY BACK!

The BIG PAY BACK CHALLENGE started October 3rd with abwork out challenge, eating plan and hard work. The second pictue posted is for December 13th, gotta love the results. The challenge runs unto June 2011, its not to late to participate.
The first part of the challenge is to take a picture and post it on your wall, TEAM DRoP IT's wall or our private group page SA40 DROP IT page. The ab workout started with ab workouts shared in the group. The more was growing the more workout we were receiving. We have speakers, nutritionalist, authors and motivators that keep us going.

As we grow progress is making us more health conscious, sharing and developing our mindsets to realistically obtain our goals. Join our TEAM DROP IT group on facebook. Share your knowledge, testimony, recipes, workout plans and be motivated to make it DRoP for life.   
This and something better is about to happen, Lets DRoP IT!

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to the Feb 2011 post. Get your workout on, Im loving the results so far. Lets keep DRoPPING IT!