Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh! The challenge is on. The BIG PAY BACK is in effect. Are you ready to take it to the next level?
I thought about it today: Will cake fuel muscles? No, and I had to skip the thought of that donut, cake or cookie taste coming through my lips. That is the mindset of the big pay back.

Send your email to pammajoi@aol.com  with "BIG PAY BACK" in subject bar to start receiving emails on the October 3rd to break downs the walls of our mid section and get paid back.
Together we are going to be a force our bodies didnt expect, but our minds always knew we could handle! Soon as we change our minds we will change our bodies and make a healthier us!

Read more of my article here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-First-Six-Pack-Challenge&id=5104287

Let's DROP IT!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celebrate Your Smallest Victories!

I received my first author's award today. I say celebrate your smallest victories not given weight to the term small, to truly acknowledge all! I started writing as a means to vent and express my silence when I wasnt creating my art. Changing my words into a children story I found it to be quite entertaining. My daughter posed for me to create the characters in the book and I found a publisher. I was given a deadline to to submit the manuscript, my Dad passed the day before and I was lost. A week later I called in regard to the deadline and it was too late.

I did write much anymore and craved to paint. Many journeys has lead me back to writing and evetyone writes. So in the manner I consider it to be a small victory and also because I never expected to receive an award. I love that I am able to share my words, my life and hopefully motivate others to do the same. I know this is what keeps us going! Thank you for celebrating with me.

The words from Jack Cranfield book
"This and something better is about to happen." I keep believing that.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nutritional Products for Energy!

Le'Vive Bottle Ardyss International  Im looking for those that are passionate about losing weight.
Energy is the main source of losing weight. It takes motivation and energy to keep it going on a consistant basis. Being around the people who are interested in the same goals to keep you motivated, keep you moving and that will allow you to DROP IT!

Those who arent afraid sharing there story and weight loss journey.
Keeping yourself motivated means helping others as well. In sharing your how to's motivates other and gives them direction when you can personally say how you did it step by step.

Those who wouldnt mind hearing "wow how did you do that?" 
Now that you are Dropping It and being compensated for doing it, are you ready for your applauds? You now have energy and also having you nutritional products to sponsor your weight loss program?

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If you are interested in working together. I want to show you how in 90 days how you can lose weight and gain money. Why not move and get paid, this wont cost you anything to inquire. Dont move and lose out on making your life full of energy, a life of smiles and happiness doing the things you have always wanted to do.

Just DROP me your email and I look forward to meeting you.

No, you dont have to know how to run!
This and something better is about to happen!

Pamela Miller
If you feel you will like to try it out text "DROP IT" to my cell 904-521-4058, I will call you within 10-30 minutes. We can go over the details to Dropping 30 plus pounds if necessary and getting paid for it.