Monday, June 28, 2010

For the Beginner.
I started using books for additional advice when I started running marathons. I gradually worked my way up to a marathon within one year's time in 2001. The training was grueling. I didnt consider the length of time, time of day, clothes to wear, sock, running shoe type, what to eat or training the right distance at the right time. That didnt keep me from pursuing the journey.

I started reading "how to's" and found a group of people who were familiar with the sport and joined them. 

I look forward to hearing more of your running journey and following your blog. Click the follow button on this page so we can be buddies for the long haul! Run Steady! Pamela

Come To Win

The mindset is important. You have to come ready to win. Winning dont happen over night, it takes conditioning, practice, focus and developing habits that will last.

Venus book is soon to release July 1st on how sports can help you top your profession. It is directed to leaders, artist, doctors and other visionaries.
Training is key.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Up and GO!

I want share how to turn what you been doing into a life style and making residual income from
 your workout outs. By sharing your testimony, motivating others and a little work could change yours
and many other peoples lives as well.

I understand that you may not be motivated and your "get up and go" have "gone off and went."
But if you wont read the emails, follow them or response then I cant help you.

Im a runner, artist and entrepreneur. I am also a coach for marketing and demonstrate ways to make
residual income. I have a passion for what I do and have always found creative ways to make money
while doing it. Now I want to share and give value to those who want it.
Opportunities come and go and I want to help but you have to first be able to help yourself. You have to
want to make a difference in your life. I would love to know that I help someone change their health
and there wealth through exercise, consistency and training. I have motivated people to run or walk their
first 5k, 10k and half marathon.

Only 1% of the world's population will run, less will run a marathon. Only 3% of marketers become
succuessful. Less percentage of artist make their talents a full time living. Why are these numbers so low?
I have found that what we eat make us lazy. It is also the mindset and our priorities that makes us not
want be consistant with our goals. That main reason why the numbers are low is because it is so much
easier to just give up.

Training is key, Im not giving up!
Im looking for five people who wants team up and this and something better happen!

Pamela Miller

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Invest in Yourself

The reward comes after the run. I feel energitic, alive, my blood flowing through my body and most of all I am motivated to take on the day. The hardest part of the day is over.
I have killed procastion and have invested in myself.

With the energy I have I am able to go to my "things to do" list and and select the task that
I find to be the most difficult and check that one off first. It becomes the
"things done" list a lot faster. The day have started off
productively and your attitude is positive.

As time goes on gradually take the miles up and so the amount of time. Since I am making my
health my wealth I also reward myself one dollar for every ten minutes that I run and
for those of you that walk use the same concept.

Consider what your reward is by the end of the week. You'll have $20 at the least. Another way
of saving your health is avoiding the drive thru and fast food places.
Wealth is growing and with this something
better is about to happen.

In the beginning a minimum of 150-200 minutes a week are suggested in training. Plan an event to complete as a goal so you will continue forward to your goal. Have a partner
that help keep you motivated and another for your back up. Find a day
of the week to run in a group. This will allow you to look forward
to meeting again with familiar faces.

I look forward to hearing about your run, event or group run please share in the comment box below!
Let' continue to DROP IT!

Pamela Miller