Thursday, June 24, 2010

Invest in Yourself

The reward comes after the run. I feel energitic, alive, my blood flowing through my body and most of all I am motivated to take on the day. The hardest part of the day is over.
I have killed procastion and have invested in myself.

With the energy I have I am able to go to my "things to do" list and and select the task that
I find to be the most difficult and check that one off first. It becomes the
"things done" list a lot faster. The day have started off
productively and your attitude is positive.

As time goes on gradually take the miles up and so the amount of time. Since I am making my
health my wealth I also reward myself one dollar for every ten minutes that I run and
for those of you that walk use the same concept.

Consider what your reward is by the end of the week. You'll have $20 at the least. Another way
of saving your health is avoiding the drive thru and fast food places.
Wealth is growing and with this something
better is about to happen.

In the beginning a minimum of 150-200 minutes a week are suggested in training. Plan an event to complete as a goal so you will continue forward to your goal. Have a partner
that help keep you motivated and another for your back up. Find a day
of the week to run in a group. This will allow you to look forward
to meeting again with familiar faces.

I look forward to hearing about your run, event or group run please share in the comment box below!
Let' continue to DROP IT!

Pamela Miller


  1. I have not begun to contemplate running, but it's a great goal to shoot for. Right now, though, I want you to know how inspiring this entry was for me. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Good evening everyone. My name is Jon and I used to weight 272 LBS. Before I met Pam, I was basically sitting at hoem, laid off looking for work. I was looking for work via the internet and couldn't afford to go anywhere plus it was cold outside. Shortly before Feb. 2010, I felt funny walking to the corner store. Since then I have dropped almost 20 lbs by simply moving! I bike ride to work daily, I renewed my YMCA membership, I walk when on the treadmills at the gym and my job is physical. Let's just say "I get it in. My diet has changed potatoes, no snacks, (occasional cookie, lol) and hot cereals and fruits for breakfast. I"m not a much of a po drinker anyhow so thats wasn't a problem. My knees don't hurt anymore and I can actuall fir the shorts I brought ttow years ago. I always drank water so I was used to that also. Now I can breathe easy and my stomach is flatter! I went from a 46 waiste to now a 40 and still..and Pam says.."dropping it"!