Sunday, May 15, 2011

Women of the Groove in the Blue Dress

 Moving and Improving, Women of the Groove. I was a guest motivational speaker. Dropping a positive mindset creatively. The sisters were so warm and the reception was AMAZING!! It was a long ride ride to Durham, NC but it was worth meeting and being amongst awesome energy and phenomenal women.
The topic I spoke on was bringing awareness how the food, mind and body triangle triggers an imbalance when  life gets to be a little demanding. We also focused on being positive and staying on your grind by being surrounded by positive people, thoughts, action and dropping  unnecessary emotional weight, because when you carry it.... here comes that FOOL!!!
Dropping the unneccessaries  allows you to be more than great. It takes you to new heights of greatness, awesomeness into AMAZING! Visualizing, creating and setting goals take you to new levels of greatness.
It's been 15 years since the last time I wore this dress. This was "My Goal Dress." I got my strut on for maybe two hours and then I had to let the lady from 15 years later into something a little more comfortable, cause those shoe s was kicking my butt.
Although the package is not the real prize to a healthier living it does has its assets!!! Lets keep dropping it.

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