Thursday, September 1, 2011


S E P T E M B E R  Challenge is to build your strength and indurance for less injuries and intensify your fitness. Always take water with you!!!! Lets do this, you ready???

MONDAY – Meatless Monday and Recovery Day. 70 minutes walking with stretching 100 crunches.
Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Eat more beans, grain, nuts and oats.

TUESDAY –  Easy 55 minutes: running, scooting, cycling or any indoor gym machine. Reintroduce your body to another week of working out with an easy day. 200 abs/150 arms.

WEDNESDAY –“ HUMP DAY 70 minutes workout and 70+ ounces of water.” Today you want to beat yourself by seconds or minutes from your Tuesday’s time with the same workout and adding 15 minutes. Also today, the only beverage is water. Plus 250 abs/ 2000 arms exercises.

THURSDAY – “SPRINTS”~ Week one: 6x 400 ~Week Two: 9 x 400 ~Week Three: 12 x 400 ~Week Four: 16 x 400. Today you are working on your speed. You warm up one mile. Week one run 400 meters at top speed 6 times and rest one minute intervals. Then repeat the number up for the next week. Your cool down is one mile.

FRIDAY- "Weights"- Week One: 50 minutes weights and 20 minute cardio finish. Week two: 65 minutes weights and 20 minutes cardio. Week three: 80 minutes weights and 20 minute cardio Week Four: 100 minutes weights and 20 cardio. Protein fuel immediately afterwards.

SATURDAY: R E S T (or endurance) This is a great day to eat carbs before the endurance day
SUNDAY – Endurance (or REST) Week One:110 minutes or more Week two: 120 minutes Week three: 130 miuntes Week four:140 minutes Take you water with you!

Gotta DRoP IT! Please keep us posted as we go on this journey together. You are welcome to add friends and more friends to this challenge, the link is attached below.

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  1. Do both strength/resistance training and high-intensity core workout either together or in separate workouts. Resistance training builds muscle, burns fat very efficiently, and helps to boost your metabolism for hours after you’ve finished a workout.