Saturday, January 1, 2011

Change Your Body, Change Your Mind

In order to change your body, you must change your mindset. Change has been a challenge since the beginning of time. It is conditioning yourself to believe in the unseen. Sort of thinking the impossible to possible. DROP the thoughts of what can't be done into CAN. Time to DROP  doubt. There is no more room. Make room for yourself. Change comes when you DRoP all the negative and focus on the positive possiblilities. Your mind set effects your body. Stay in the positive.

Have you ever seen anyone standing in your shoes?  What did you really think of that person, which is yourself? You can step outside yourself and see what you attract, you are what you attract. What you are attracting? If you like it magnify it, share it and keep growing and help others. Otherwise de-magnify it and weigh your options: Change or learn to like it! You are not reading this because you want to learn to like it, you want change. Congrats on your first step forward, to the positive.

Have you ever witness someone's "before and after" but allow yourself not to believe it was true? Oh, its true. Get closer to it. Make it so close that its you. Apply the many ways make what you want, become into being. Do it because you deserve better. Be deserving by applying the tips shared, be inspired to become your own "before and after." Post your before and look forward to the after, regardless of how long it takes you will inspire others. You must put in the time, the work and the energy. You have to want it bad and you have to know why!

1) Surround yourself with like minds. We love TEAM DROP IT, it has inspired us to do more. Look forward to momentum that will carry us from what we've always done into what we want to become. Claim what you want: We want to be healthier, stronger and a great example for my children and children's children. We want to attract people of the same vision and mind set to grow and become what we desire. Motivation has its way of leaving unannouced, that why we  keep ourselves surrounded with people of the same mind. This is where to go when motivation wants to take that vacation.

2) Share your knowledge of what you are sure of. When joined with a group of motivated people specializing in areas of expertise you have a buffet of knowledge. With TEAM DROP IT you'll find what you need and if you dont know, "ASK."  Share what you know, what you are passion about. Share your experiences and have mastered that works effectively. That one drop leads to many drops which makes pudlles into lakes, into rivers and into oceans. Share what you know you will be helping, inspiring or motivating somebody. Not everyone let you know they are watching, but they are!
3) Post your plan into view for everyday. Create what you want daily. Start at 5:00am through 10:00pm. Make it realistic and be consistant with it. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Allow yourself time and be descilpline with it. Share what you have done with TDI and it will keep you motivated. Be part of the game plan and stop watching everyone else. Join the game its to be with a team because doing it solitaire would leave you abandon to many times. Stay motivated.
4) Be confident. Fears keeps people small, you have to run toward your fears. If you go after your plan with confidence and work that plan you will achieve more.
Team work, makes the dream work. Let's DROP IT!

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