Thursday, January 27, 2011

Share Share Share!

Hello TEAM DRoP IT, 
Im sending you this message as I really need a favor from you if possible. 
Im building a marketing and internet awareness in the health industry to help 

The reason I need your help is simple...

I want to share video testimonials that I can share on "Mrsdroppingit"
youtube account. This is going to give us some facebook exposure
as more will become aware and share. Our health is our wealth.

So here's what you need to do!!

1. Cut a 1-2 minute testimonial of your experience with the TEAM
2. Include your name and city, state where you are from
3. Upload the video to Youtube
4. Send me the Youtube link to
5. I need all testimonials by 2/15


Im going to have about 15-20 testimonials on the blog page so make 
sure to make it good! Thanks 

This and something better is about to happen! Lets DRoP IT! 

Pamela Miller
"Pamma Joi"

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